Wednesday, 17/04/2024


Pipetting Assistant

The Protrans Pipetting Assistant software organizes the
workflow for HLA Sequencing Based Typing.

The Protrans Pipetting Assistant
  • generates templates for DNA sample plates
  • generates templates for pipetting amplification plates
  • generates templates for pipetting purification plates
  • generates templates for pipetting sequencing plates
  • generates a Plate Record for any kind of sequencer
  • archives all pipetting steps for documentation

REF Article
300300PROTRANS SBT PipettingAssistant (PPA) PROTRANS SBT PipettingAssistant (PPA)
Software to generate pipetting templates for the
DNA sample plate, Amplification plate,
Purification plate and Sequencing plate for
Protrans SBT system. Generates and transfers
the Plate Record automatically to the sequencer.
Documentation and archiving of all
pipetting steps.